Effective Tips to Backup your Critical Business Data

Regardless of the business you are in at some point the one thing you are going to need is data recovery. Diverse methods are used to serve this purpose, but the one main problem that arises at that particular time is to backup data. Due to a variety of files and folders it gets difficult to backup a specific file at the time of need. At this stage the worst case scenario is not to have a backup at all, you will find the time to recover data by searching for it. Following are some tips that will help you to backup data through various methods.


Use latest technology

Hard drives were once widely personalized and used, but these days LTO backup tapes have replaced them widely. Plenty of reasons have caused this reform, one of them being the effectiveness and efficacy of backup tapes.

Backup tapes provide better service than the hard drives. If hard drives are repeatedly used, they usually corrupt and fail to backup data. Other threats like viruses and Trojans also attack hard drives.

Weekly or Daily Backup

Some companies do backup on a weekly basis that is not practical for other companies and even for personal use. However, it is recommended that there should be daily backup of all the work that you do to avoid any consequences. Viruses and hackers don’t have a specific time to attack your information, so it is better to be prepared.

Clean the data storage device

Viruses and hackers are always going to attack your software, running a good anti-virus is as important as having backups. It must be kept in mind that storage devices must be clean, this feature is hard to attain with hard drives. Another problem related to hard drive is multiple file storage and accidental deletion while the LTO backup tapes come with WORM (WORM means: write once and read many) which eliminates the accidental deletion and rewriting of the same file.

Save your time

Hard drives are going to take a while to store data and for backup as well. LTO backup tapes transfer up to the speed of 160 MB per sec and stores large amounts of data.

Double backup

As much as we love to see how far technology has come there is always a catch, your backup can fail as well. It is suggested to save the data in two areas or different drives to avoid any mishap or data loss.