Advantages of LTO 7 Data Tapes

With volumes of information becoming exponentially—and not a single end to be seen—the IBM LTO Ultrium 7 information cartridge is intended to offer associations some assistance with protecting and save more information for more timeframes. This most recent era of the IBM arrangement offers more than twofold the capacity limit of past eras for long haul information protection that gives security as it supports fast, solid access to information and guarantees business versatility.


Features and Benefits of LTO 7 Ultrium Tape

Higher Storage Capacity
6TB native and up to 15TB Compressed

Better Performance
– Expect data transfer rates of up to 700 MB/sec

Backward Compatible
LTO 7 drives can read LTO 5 tapes and Read and Write to LTO 6 Tapes

Future Compatibility
LTO 7 tapes will be able to be read by and written to by LTO 8 tape drives and be able to be read by LTO 9 drives.

LTO-7 tape drive technology will increase the tape head channel count from 16 to 32. This increase will provide a higher data transfer rate, resulting in a reduction of approximately 50% of the time to read or write a full tape.

Compare To LTO-6

Large gains in capacity and performance

– 2.4 times more capacity
– 87% higher performance

Big Savings From LTO 6 Migration to LTO 7

– Reduce database backup windows by 35%
– Reduce floor space expense by 65%

Generation To Generation Comparison

Here is it

Gen to Gen Capacity Increase Performance Increase
LTO4 to LTO5 87.5% 16.7%
LTO5 to LTO6 66.7% 14.3%
LTO6 to LTO7 140% 87.5



DLT Tapes Vs LTO Tapes

What Is A DLT Tape?
Digital Linear Tape (DLT) is a compelling tape setup developed by an inborn firm named DEC of Hewlett-Packard. DLT tapes are ½ inches wide and come in burly plastic packages containers. DLT tapes have the capacity to store between 10GB to 40GB of uncompressed data, and are a quite famous data storage solution.

What Is A LTO Tape?
Linear Tape Open (LTO) is a standard tape format produced by major technology companies like Seagate, HP, and IBM. It is a tough competitor of DLT. LTO tapes have the capacity to store 384 data tracks which can be divided into 4 data bands of 96 tracks. Each data band can be filled one at a time in linear approach. LTO tapes include 4K of uncompressed memory which can comprehend through non-contacting inactive RF interface.


Which Is Better DLT Tape Or LTO Tape?

When it comes to comparing LTO and DLT, the latest version of both the products offers 400GB capacity respectively, 80MBps (native) for LTO-3 and 32MBps (native) capacity for DLT-600. If high capacity and top level performance is your priority then LTO-7 is best choice currently. On the other hand an LT0-7 drive will cost you a little bit more than a DLT-S4 tape.

Important Facts About The Two

  • The critical difference between the two is the unusual storage systems and the way off their working.
  • LTO tapes have more storage capacity as compared to DLT tapes and it’s a tough competition for DLT tapes.
  • The price factor also varies between the two but there is not much significant difference.